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Ramailo Nite With Phiroj Shyangden: Chyangba and the Bloody Revolution live

Phiroj Shyangden Performing Chyangba and the Bloody Revolution with Rajendra Karn and Prajwal bajracharya.

Video Edited by: Rayan Rays & Rav Sitaula.

Camera: Rayan Rays, Rav Sitaula & Bikash Barailey

Ramailo Nite With Phiroj Shyangden

The most awaited concert of Legendary Phiroj Shyangden has just been completed. He was accompanied by Rajendra karn percussionist  and Prajwal Bajjracharya on vocal and guitar. Hundreds of Phiroj’s fan poured into concert from as far as Chicago. Band rocked the music lovers with their hit numbers from different hit albums. Along with Phiroj’s Band, the magic of Aarati Gurung, Utsav Shrestha, Sujal Sodemba, Naru Bayalkoti, Dharane Bikash, Rav Sitaula, Srijan Tuladhar, Pratik Subedi, Sankalpa, Gyandeep Shakya & DJ Reet made the night unforgettable. Dj momo, Dj Prashant and DJ sushant were the guest DJs of the night.

Phiroj Shyangden with Rajendra Karn & Prajwal Bajracharya

Another attraction of the event was the solo art exhibition of multitalented artist Naru Bayalkoti. Born and raised in the capital of Nepal, which is best known as the city of temples, Naru is highly influenced by Kathmandu’s historic and cultural beauty and he is currently exploring contemporary art in the United States. 50% of his artworks were sold during the first day of the event. Few of his artworks are still being exhibit at Ramailo Restaurant.

Artist Naru Balyakoti with his Sold Painting “MOODS”

On the 24th, Documentary named Block 47 Canvas directed by Rav Sitaula featuring Arjoon KC, another successful nepali artist from Dallas was premiered. The mini documentary solely focuses on the role that character, mind set and Cultural background plays in creating the master piece like Block 47 Canvas.

Watch Mini Documentary Block 47Canvas

The mesmerizing event was hosted by Prasan Shyangden, reputed RJ and media person. Event was powered by Conch Technology, Co-sponsored by Nepalibuzz, supported by Mazzako Entertainment and Himal Khabar was official media partner where all the media works were managed by NepCine.

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Felicitation Event of Mr. Sharad Vesawkar

Ramailo Restaurant is pleased to announce that Nepal’s National Hero and Professional Cricketer, Mr. Sharad Vesawkar is being felicitated on September 4th, Thursday at 8:00 PM.

The venue for the event is Ramailo Restaurant. The event will consist of the highlights of the first ever T20 Cricket world cup moments, Sharad’s documentary, music, dinner and possibly DJ. This event has been supported by Nsa At Uta!!! We would love to see you all there. Lets honor and show our respect to an athlete who has made our country proud!!! We hope to see Nepali Jerseys floating proud that day.

Please like and share this to all your friends and RSVP for the event.

For ticket details you can contact me, Zubin or Om Bhattarai.


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